Animal Control
The Community Service Officer Shannon Regan covers all the Animal Control issues within the city limits of Baker City. Animal Control works in a variety of ways dealing with animals to include:
  • Picking up stray dogs at large
  • Picking up domestic injured animals
  • Responding to barking dogs or other noise issues associated with animals. 
     "The Bark Collars to help train your dog not to bark are available at the Police Department
       for $7 a week rental fee"
  • Assisting in animal abuse/neglect cases
  • Issuance of kennel permits
  • Issuance of dog licenses
  • Issuance of livestock permits
  • Issuance of exotic animal permits
  • Any other issue regarding animals
  • Dog bite prevention awareness
Officer Shannon Regan has tremendous
expertise, training and experience in dealing with Animal Control issues.
Please view this brochure to help you manage and solve issues regarding animals. 
Here is our City Ordinance about animals
Officer Shannon Regan training and certifications includes: certified euthanasia technician and Nationally Certified for Animal Control through the National Animal Control Association.  She has training in exotic animal issues, livestock neglect, animal behavior and investigations.
If you have any question or any issue regarding Animal Control, please contact our
Community Service Officer Shannon Regan
(541) 524-2014 ext. 30