The Baker City Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency, providing twenty four hour police coverage to the citizens and visitors of Baker City, Oregon. Our sworn and civilian employees, along with our citizen volunteers, strive to provide the highest level of professional service with each call we receive and each contact we make.
Our Police Department is divided into two divisions, patrol and special operations. The patrol division has two teams of officers, who work twelve hour shifts, with two patrol officers on at all times. Each team is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant, who is responsible for all operational functions of their teams. The special operations division consists of investigations, community service/code enforcement, property room management and canine. Special Operations is supervised by our Lieutenant, who is also responsible for supervising our patrol sergeants.
The men and women of the Baker City Police Department are highly motivated, ethical, committed and compassionate individuals who work together to accomplish all tasks and reach all goals before them. Each of us strives to maintain excellent working relationships with all of our community partners, knowing that is takes community teamwork to truly make a difference.
Citizens and visitors are always welcome to contact any of our on duty staff by telephone, email or a personal visit to our police station located at 1768 Auburn Avenue in Baker City, Oregon.
We operate a ride-a-long program for interested participants, with applications available at the Police Department and on our website. Whether you are visiting or living in Baker City, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.
Wyn Lohner
Chief of Police