Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement is a way that helps enhance our communities' livability and quality of life, improving the overall appearance and economic development of our city. Enforcement involves a wide spectrum of areas including:
  • Parking enforcement: over time limits, vehicles parked on the parkway, vehicles parked illegally etc.
  • Health and sanitation complaints: accumulation of household garbage visible to the public or anything causing a foul odor or public health issue
  • Weed abatement
  • “Junk Yards” within residential areas
  • Zoning violations, working collaboratively with the Planning Department
  • Bicycle, skateboard and roller-skate violations: no helmets, riding in prohibited areas and traffic violations.
  • Crime prevention presentations on stranger danger awareness, safety talks to children, bike safety, workplace safety, business and residential security checks, neighborhood watch etc.
If you have any questions or any issue regarding Code Enforcement, please contact our
Community Service Officer Shannon Regan
(541) 524-2014 ext. 30